Lets face it. Valentine's Day sucks whether you are in a relationship or not. If you are in a relationship you NEED to get that "special someone" something. But with the economy sucking as much as the holiday does. What is one to do?

If you are on a budget and can't afford flowers, chocolates and a card, then try making your own card. Think back to when you used to make goofy crap in grade school that your mom used to hang on the fridge. Get a glue stick (don't eat it) and some construction paper. Make a simple card and write some heart felt messages inside.

Here a a few great examples from someecards.com:

1)  I want to grow old and disgusting with you

2) I'm so proud you're my Valentine that I hope we run into one of my exes

3) I'm glad you recognize how terrible your life would be without me

4) I can't believe how I am not sick of you

5) Big dinners make me drowsy, so lets get to the sex part first.

6) Someday I want to adopt an Asian baby with you

7) Let's break out the special lube on this special day

8 ) I could watch T.V. forever with you

9) Please give me an estimate of the cheapest Valentine's Day date that will still result in us having sex

10) I will always love you, even if I have to always love you from no closer than 300 feet

Check out someecards.com for more ideas or just get with the times and send an actual ecard to all of your Valentines. It is easier than having to make the card.

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