Can't find the perfect place to take your date this Valentine's Day? Clearly, you didn't type "Valentine's Day" into the searchbar on Yelp to see what comes up. Well, I did! Look at me, doing all the hard work for you - when you and your date have an amazing time at a local restaurant on Valentine's Day, take a moment to remember that I was the one who sent you there.

Anyway, yeah - Yelp gave me a list of the most recommended Valentine's Day spots for this year. Let's run down the top 5.

1. Scotty's Table, located at 131 S Higgins Ave, known for American food.

2. Pagoda Chinese Food, located at 425 N 5th St W, known for Chinese and Thai.

3. Ciao Mambo, located at 541 S Higgins Ave, known for Italian.

4. Burns St. Bistro, located at 1500 Burns St, known for sandwiches, breakfast and brunch.

5. Caffe Dolce, located at 500 Brooks St, known for coffee & tea, breakfast, brunch, and Italian.

Hopefully this was helpful, but if you're still undecided, the full list of restaurants is right here.

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