Ok, yeah, it's Valentine's Day, and we're all really happy for you and your significant other that you guys are happy and are able to put cute pictures on Instagram or whatever.

Well, that came off as more bitter than I intended it to. Anyway, for those of you (like me) who are living the single life this year - no worries! According to science, being single is actually a healthier lifestyle for you. Which means it has to be true, because science says so.

Here's the list of 7 things science says being single will actually improve in your life:

1. Being single gives you the space to think

2. Single people get more exercise and are in general healthier.

3. Single people are better at keeping friends.

4. Single people are better with money.

5. Being single can mean being better at work.

6. Being alone can be less stressful.

7. Single people are more self-sufficient.


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