That meat sale commercial you've been hearing on the air and hearing us talk about the 20 USDA steaks for 40 bucks, it's legit. I just got done doing a live broadcast over there and people were leaving the meat tent like they won the lottery.

The icy refrigerated truck is in the parking lot of the now closed Lucky's Market at the Southgate Mall, you'll see the big white tent out there. Super helpful dude named Scott runs it and the deals really are too good to pass up. Like I said, I was out there today and people were waiting in the sunshine in line for 20 and 30 minutes and still coming out of the tent with big boxes of goodies and huge smiles on their faces.

What most people were leaving with is the "Premium Reserve Steak USDA Beef Family Party Pack." What that has in it is New York Strip, Porterhouse T-Bone (good size t-bones, I saw 'em), Center Cut Ribeye, Filet Medallions (good size medallions too), Premium Burgers & Kansas City Strips. Other options are seafood, including Maine lobster tail and huge jumbo shrimp, lots of pork options, and all different kinds of chicken flavors like garlic, honey bbq and lemon pepper. There's a chicken 6-pack that a lot of folks were leaving with, too.

Most asked question, do they take checks, no. Credit cards and cash only. When you come by, don't forget to sign up for our Weber Spirit Grill, valued at $600, huge thanks to Ace Hardware for the hook up on that! Labor Day weekend is coming up, and if you have one of those nice big freezers, this is a perfect opportunity to stock up.

Photo by Angel
Photo by Angel

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