Blazers, a new shot glass has been added to our collection.  Meet Barrett.


Hey. I'm Barrett.

I've been doing this radio thing for a while now. Since I was 16, actually. Throw in a couple military deployments and some college I barely remember, and you could say I've kept myself busy.

I've worked in Seattle at 99.9 KISW and in Portland at the station I listened to growing up, KUFO (rest her soul.)

But forget those cities. Forget those stations. F*ck 'em. Seriously. Missoula is where I want to be. This is the town I've been gunning to get into. You live here, so you already know why.

I've been hired in Missoula. I'm on the air at the gotdamn Blaze. THIS is the highlight of my career.

I've finally made it.

Yup, I'll admit it: I'm not native. Not even close. Born, raised, even served in the military in Washington State. But I hope that, despite my current lack of Montana cred, I'll earn your respect with a show that's heavy, loud, entertaining, interactive, and - most of all - real. I'm here to do a show WITH you, not AT you.

With me, what you see/hear is what you get. Here's some stuff about me:

* I like cold beer, hot wings, and sports on the big screen. Bonus points if it's my Seahawks. And no, I have not gotten over Super Bowl XL. F*ck the Steelers.

* I'm tall. I'm 6'7". I hit my head on a lot of sh*t, but I also have a bird's-eye view of low-cut shirts. I love summer.

* I've seen Sevendust live more times than I can count, but not nearly enough. Greatest band ever.

* I once had a conversation with Mike McCready about the accoustic properties of a port-o-potty.

* I watch more WWE than any grown man should. I'm the "Cena sucks!" part of the chant.

* My mom lives in Kalispell. Yes, I'm sure you already knew that, and that she told you to tell me hi. You're clever.

* I've never played beer pong. Even more surprising is that I went to WSU and never played beer pong. I did, however, get a ton of ass. Go Cougs.

* I grew up in a town of about 1,000 people. Closest McDonald's was an hour away. My high school class graduated 18 people. So yeah, I'm a small-town kid.

* My first concert was the 2001 Ozzfest/Black Sabbath reunion tour at the Gorge. There could be worse first concerts.

* You'll probably see me at a bar watching the Seahawks, Blazers, Mariners or Timbers. Or at an Osprey game. If you do, come say hi. I MIGHT buy you a beer. Maybe. If you're a chick. And hot.

I think that about covers it. You'll learn more as we hang out every afternoon starting Monday.

I'm not going to end this blog with some hokey "are you ready to rock!?"

crap. Truth is, you've been rockin' since long before I got here. My job is to make sure Missoula keeps rockin'. That's a job that I promise not to suck at.

See you Monday.