The Griz have arrived in Virginia. After a long trip across the country, the Grizzlies are set to take on the James Madison Dukes tonight. This quarterfinal matchup is going to decide who will move one step closer to the National Championship.

Much like the lead-up to the Super Bowl, people are wracking their brains trying to predict the outcome of the game. For the Super Bowl, we see things like Ozzy the grizzly bear at Zoo Montana predict the winners by eating a cake, or people leaving it up to artificial intelligence in the video game Madden 2021 to predict the winner. For the upcoming Griz vs JMU game, Griz fans have turned to a program called Versus Sports Simulator. This simulator crunches both team's stats and data and makes a guess at who will come out on top.

According to the latest prediction, both teams are evenly matched. But, JMU has the home-field advantage which will help them win.

Does this worry you that the Griz may actually lose? Well, it shouldn't. As it turns out this simulator has not had a very good track record when it comes to correct predictions. In fact, it miscalculated the last three Griz games.

For example, Versus Sports Simulator predicted a loss to EWU last week.

Or how about the narrow margin the simulator predicted for the Brawl of the Wild game?

Judging by the predictions, we shouldn't worry about the Griz not returning home with a WIN. If the Versus Sports Simulator continues as it has for the last three games, we predict a landslide victory tonight in Virginia.

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