Can dowloading and file sharing be considered a religion? In Sweden it is! Laws were recently passed allowing the Church of Kopimisim to exercise their freedom of religion through file sharing, and as far as I understand, has no limits to the information being shared (music included).

I might be missing the point here, but there are several points that I can see as viable and a few that dont make sense...

The Church claims these activities as sacred:

All knowledge to all.
The search for knowledge is sacred.
The circulation of knowledge is sacred.
The act of copying is sacred.

Reading futher into the religion, it seems they want shared information, but at the same time demand secrecy by also claiming: "The absolute secrecy is holy in the church of Kopimism." Forgive me if I'm missing the point or taking this out of context but is keeping a secret not the same as keeping information TO YOUR SELF? 

I dont know much about this new religion, but if it allows me to expand my music collection, I might have to convert.  Plus, moving to Sweden scores me a better chance of seeing In Flames in concert again!

If anybody knows anything about this Im interested to hear more, I need clarification on what the hell is ACTUALLY going on here!