COVID-19 has hit us like a wrecking ball this year and wiped out countless events. It's pretty weird to think that just holding a canned food drive this time of year could give us a sense of normalcy, but that's the case. A Cat-Griz game is back on the schedule - and the communities of Missoula and Bozeman are back at it in a donation battle!

The Can the Cats Canned Food Drive kicked off on Friday and donations are being taken across Missoula. The event always accepts donations of food and money, but a KPAX article notes that monetary donations are a big help this year because of other food drives that weren't able to take place during the pandemic.

We're shining the spotlight on tomorrow's Stuff the Truck event that will take place at the Missoula Food Bank. The radio stations in our building will be using the time on Tuesday to present information and support for the food bank's efforts. Please stop by the Missoula Food Bank and make a donation if you can.

Tuesday, November 10th  12 – 6 pm: Stuff the Truck with a $15K Match Opportunity!

  • $15K Match Opportunity! Help Stuff the Food Bank Truck in our local food bank’s parking lot at 1720 Wyoming Street. All food and cash donations delivered on 11/10 and donated online will be matched up to $15,000 to help CAN the MSU Bobcats! On Tuesday, Nov. 10, donate online here

The pandemic this year has brought job loss and other hardships to the community. The Missoula Food Bank has seen an increase in the amount of people using its services and that will continue through the holidays. Did you know there are more than 30 locations that you can drop donations for Can the Cats? Get the complete list HERE. You can also make online donations HERE.

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