Born and raised in Montana, I am never surprised by the types of weather we get. It always seems to be between perfect and complete chaos, depending on the time of day. As the old saying goes "If you don't like the weather in Montana, just wait a minute."

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I have memories of summer fun in the mountains. We somehow managed to get to the only snowbank left on the mountain and fill the truck bed with snow. Then get back to the house quickly before the snow melts. That way the family can enjoy a summertime snowball fight.

You may not have to go far to find snow in June. Up to 20 inches of snow is predicted to fall in the mountains in western Montana next week. Snow is expected in lower elevations too.

According to the National Weather Service alert from 6/13/24


* WHAT...Heavy wet snow possible. Total snow accumulations 1 to 5
  inches at Georgetown Lake and Macdonald Pass is possible, with 14
  to 20 inches in the highest terrain.

* WHERE...Georgetown Lake, Highway 12 Garrison to Elliston, Butte,
  Homestake Pass, and MacDonald Pass.

* WHEN...From Monday evening through Tuesday evening.

I have seen snow fly in Butte in July, so it isn't a huge surprise that we might see snow just days before the first day of summer. The accumulation is what has me baffled. Keep an eye out for trees breaking and power outages if the heavy snow does decide to fall.

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