Korn Fan Gives Fallen Brother’s Marine Uniform to Jon Davis [VIDEO]
You may have noticed Korn's frontman, Jonathan Davis, doing a lot for our troops. He spends a lot of time working with the USO and he also volunteers helping wounded warriors. But Korn fans run deep. Recently at a show in Fort Wayne, Indiana, an older brother of a fallen Marine presented his br…
Veterans: Much Respect
I don't want to feed you full of this sappy bulls#!t you would expect from somebody on Veterans Day. I am truly talking from the heart. Veterans Day is one of the greatest holidays created. It is a day where I seriously reflect on the sacrifices our Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Sons and…
Dear Andrew:
My dear friend, Denny Bedard, gave me permission to repost his blog from
By:  Denny Bedard
The minute I heard last night about the death of Bin Laden, I wanted to rush right to the cemetery and give you the news.
You know, sit and visit, just like I have done every week si…