I don't want to feed you full of this sappy bulls#!t you would expect from somebody on Veterans Day. I am truly talking from the heart. Veterans Day is one of the greatest holidays created. It is a day where I seriously reflect on the sacrifices our Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Sons and Daughters have made for this great country we call home. Tomorrow is a "Big Friggin Deal"! I'm not asking you to thank a veteran. I'm TELLING you!

I grew up with Veterans. My father was Army 1st infantry in Vietnam '67-'69. He packed a m-60 through the jungle and made it out to spawn my goofy ass. My old man grew up in Nebraska and, like many Americans, was drafted into the Army. Granted his time spent in south east Asia left him with emotional scars, he is one of the strongest guys I have ever met. Growing up I was not allowed to ask Dad about his service in Vietnam. I witnessed Dad have flashbacks and it wasn't pleasant. After years of not being able to talk about it, he finally realized that talking about it helped heal. Lots of beer has been drank and stories have been shared, and I realized that my Dad as well as all veterans deserve every ounce of respect you can give.

As a tribute to my Dad and all Vietnam veterans I present to you the following video. If you have never heard me discuss the story behind the song "Rooster" from Alice In Chains. Jerry Cantrell's father also served in the Vietnam War. He was a soldier in the 101st Airborne and wore the eagle patch on his arm. Vietcong did not recognize the American bald eagle, so they assumed that the patches on their arms represented chickens or "roosters". The lyrics " Army green was no safe bet" and "Walkin tall machine gun man" give me chills every time I hear it. Disclaimer: Video is graphic

My older brother also served as a veteran of foreign war. In 1989 he was called to serve in the Gulf War. He joined the Marine corp and was shipped to Kuwait. My brother, like my Dad, is a cool S.O.B and did what he was asked to do. For those of you that have ever seen the movie "Jarhead" you will get the idea of how my brothers experience was in the Middle East. It was a "hurry up and wait" campaign. Even though my brother was never involved in combat. He still brought home scars that affect him to this day. My brother is a PROUD Marine. And I am proud of him and everyone who served in that campaign. Semper Fi Bro!

As a tribute to my brother all the Devil Dogs, I present to you the following video. OH, and by the way, Happy 236th Birthday!

Keep in mind that a veteran does not mean that the person had to participate in a war. Give thanks to anyone who has ever made the pledge to defend our country. In wartime or not. Hell I urge you to even find a Fireman or Police officer and give them a gentle tap on the ass.

God Bless our Vets and GOD BLESS AMERICA!