I am not being paid to say any of this, I genuinely want to share my recent experience at the all new Gray Wolf Peak Casino with you.

I was under the impression that the owners had just done a remodel of the casino at the top of Evaro hill over the summer, turns out they completely demolished the old building and built the kind of casino you only see in bigger cities and on other reservations. When we came up the hill and saw the new establishment, I couldn't believe my eyes! There's a ton to tell you about but here are the highlights.

The massive casino allows smoking, as they have a top notch air filtration system, when I walked in I wouldn't even have known it was smoking until I saw somebody light up. Gray Wolf also has a smaller non-smoking casino, 2 restaurants, a bar and a deli. And, the casino is open 24 hours a day.

Gray Wolf Peak Casino is now the largest casino in Montana and features a 4 star fine dining restaurant called Timbers. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the Timbers menu and saw the prices on their entrees, all the quality of any of the upper end Missoula restaurants coming in at about $20 or less per plate. I had the sirloin, garlic mashed potatoes and carrots which was very filling, extremely delicious and surprisingly affordable.

My group enjoyed an appetizer called "Montana Twinkies," and they aren't what you think. It's a jalapeño, cream cheese and brisket wrapped in bacon, and watch out, the Montana Twinkies are addicting, once you have them you will have to go back to Timbers for more.

Also, if you are planning a business conference, birthday, bachelorette party, anniversary or any kind of celebration and you really want to impress your guests, Timbers is the perfect call.

All my girlfriends asked "what about the wine list?" The wine list is epic and the beer list features all Montana made brews including Tammarack, Draught Works, Kettlehouse, Bayern and Big Sky Brewing. Cocktails are made with spirits from Montgomery Distillery and Montana Distillery.

With that said, all of the wood construction you see at Gray Wolf is reclaimed wood from local forest fires and the rock formations and walls are native to Montana and created by Montana masons.

My group kept having to remind ourselves that we weren't on vacation in some other city, that we were just 20 minutes from home. When you visit, don't forget to sign up for the players club, which offers big benefits in the casino and restaurants and includes a $9.99 steak dinner special.

I realize I just bombarded you with a ton of info, but I really want to get the point across that the Gray Wolf Peak Casino is a fun place to get away and is only 20 minutes from Missoula. Absolutely worth the drive, you'll be impressed. If you're looking for an excuse to check it out, they are having a huge New Year's Eve celebration with steak, lobster, live music, dancing and cash give aways all night.


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