Spring has arrived in Montana, and many of us are already counting the days until our next Summer road trip. 2022 is shaping up to be a great year for some live music just about anywhere you look. And, when it comes to seeing concerts, sometimes the good old-fashioned road trips can be the best. Heck, some of my favorite memories of live shows are from out-of-town venues--destinations that I never would have stopped at if it wasn't for the promise of a kickass live concert. Stories of how you got there, or how crazy the drive was getting back, are all logged into the "concert memory" portion of my brain.

With that said, this Summer might be a good time to "kick the tires on your old jalopy," and plan a trip to Great Falls. One of the venues in Great Falls has been busy putting together some great shows in 2022. I'm talking about a place called "The Newberry."

So far in 2022, The Newberry has hosted everything from country to rock to comedy to hip hop. Bands like Puddle of Mudd, Texas Hippie Coalition, and Soulfly have stopped in Great Falls. Now, 2 bands straight out of the early 2000's Blaze playlist are heading to Montana.

Tantric and Smile Empty Soul LIVE at The Newberry August 27th, 2022

Tickets are on sale now for the show.


According to The Newberry website

This concert is a standing room only concert. Ticket descriptions are as follows:
General Admission-This ticket is on our main floor, closest access to the stage and standing room only.
Loft Ticket-This ticket is in our loft area and only available for certain shows, limited first come, first serve seating, limited cocktail standing tables and a private bar when available.

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