Remember the '90s? Grunge and boy bands ruled the radio airwaves, you wore JNCO jeans and looked like a fool, and when it came to chicks, no one was hotter than Jenny McCarthy and Tara Reid. Best decade ever!

Well, we have some bad news for you - the 9'0s were like two decades ago and while the music and style have gone away, somehow, McCarthy and Reid are still around. McCarthy has spent post-Singled Out days convincing people that they don't need to vaccinate their kids and hosting a radio show on SiriusXM. Reid, on the other hand, has done Sharknado and, well, Sharknado. Recently, these two "stars" came together on McCarthy's show, but it didn't go well.

McCarthy brought up Reid's countless plastic surgeries, and at that point Tara hit her breaking point. It was clear that she only wanted to talk Sharknado and Sharknado-related sharky stuff. Things got awkward really fast.

Reid ended up walking out, but not before some fantastic, passive-aggressive talk from McCarthy.

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