The annual Testicle Festival at Rock Creek Lodge is this weekend, and law enforcement says they're ready for whatever challenges may come their way.

Public Information Officer with the Missoula County Sheriff's Office, Brenda Bassett said authorities are reissuing a wanted poster from 2005, in an attempted homicide case.

"Detectives are still seeking a suspect from that event, so they just want to revisit that and see if anyone can come forward and give any additional details that can hopefully lead to an arrest," Bassett said. "The suspect is unknown, but we do have a description. He is a white male, standing about 5' 11" and weighing about 225 pounds at the time of the incident. So, of course, that description may have changed, but we're just hoping that if a witness was there that they might come forward and help us solve this case."

Bassett and Sergeant Shawn Smalley of the Montana Highway Patrol echo the same sentiment, both agencies will be out in force at the Testicle Festival this weekend.

Smalley said extra patrols and a special unit will be deployed near Rock Creek for all party goers to plainly see.

"We'll be out in force," Smalley said. "We'll have extra troopers on duty and we've also brought our SETT, our Special Enforcement Traffic Team, and we've also opened up more overtime so that troopers who are off can put in overtime hours if they want to. Our goal is to saturate the area and make sure that we don't have people drinking and driving."

A DUI crash in 2012 killed a mother and her eight year-old child who were traveling from Washington State, and were struck by a drunk driver going the wrong way on Interstate 90.


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