If you have ever found yourself casually flipping through the Netflix stream on your Xbox, you may have come across the movie “Thankskilling.” Sure, it may be the cheesiest horror movie ever made, but what is better than a movie that involves a homicidal turkey puppet with a filthy mouth? Perfect for your holiday family gatherings.

The movie was filmed using only a $3500 budget, but you can’t tell by the amazing special effects and award winning acting. The front cover even warns of “boobs in first second” of the movie. It has become low budget triumph and a cult classic.

According to the movie’s official website

ThanksKilling is about a fowl-mouthed homicidal turkey axing off college kids during Thanksgiving break. It is an independent horror film that was made for under $3,500 in 11 days. It later got a small investment to help complete the marketing and distribution of the film. It’s campy, twisted, and down right hilarious.


Check out the full trailer (NSFW)

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