A few weeks back, character actor and Academy Award-winner J.K. Simmons - known for his roles in movies like Whiplash and the original Spider-Man trilogy - was spotted at a couple of different places around Missoula. And since he's got ties to the community (he graduated from the University of Montana, where his father used to be the School of Music director), some people assumed that he was just in town for a visit.

But we quickly discovered that he was actually in Missoula working on a new project - an independent thriller called The Woods, directed by his wife, Michelle Schumacher. That was towards the end of September, but we did note that the production planned to return to Missoula sometime in mid-October for a few more days.

Well, they must have locked down that set pretty tight, because it appears as if production has wrapped on The Woods - at least, for the scenes they planned to shoot here. The Montana Film Society shared a post from someone who worked on the film on Facebook that seemingly confirmed it.

According to the Collider article linked in the Facebook post, Simmons plays a "sociopath on a murderous rampage," who spends the film hunting down a teenage girl in the woods.

There could be more for the film that needs to be shot elsewhere, but it looks like that's it for J.K. Simmons and his time in Missoula. At least for now - maybe next time, he really will just come back to visit. Or to get pictures of Spider-Man!

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