It’s always good to come home and pick up exactly where I left off... I love that I can go out and see awesome bands playing at my Missoula bars.  I took a chance at coming in for my first day back at the Blaze exhausted/ hung over/ completely rocked out from going to a Sunday night metal show.  In retrospect, totally worth it!

I had seen The Browning (Kansas City, MO) the first time they swooped through Missoula and I wasn't about to miss the second visit.  With them came some bands I had never heard until my trip to The Palace last night and was not disappointed by a single one.

I'm not usually a huge fan of shows that have more than three or four bands in one night due to shortened set time.  If I'm getting into the music, I don't want it to stop! Tear Out The Heart (St. Louis, MO) just celebrated their two year anniversary as a band on Halloween and followed it up with their first trip through Missoula. It does not feel right to say they warmed up the crowd as much as exposed us to direct heat.

Myka, Relocate (Houston, TX) continued to impress and I was glad that I didn't have to miss out on their set. The much feared onset of van trouble set in right after their show in Seattle forcing the band to battle vehicular failure and snowy passes to reach Missoula last night.

Honour Crest (Virginia Beach, VA) had never toured West of Ohio before jumping on with these bands but didn't let that get in the way of a killer set last night. I think a lot of us got our metal mosh cardio in!  You will be able to find their new album “Spilled Ink” after its release on December 10th.

I had heard the name This Or The Apocalypse (Lancaster, PA) before but never really looked into them.  Now I'm kicking myself for not taking a look sooner! These guys have been around for about 8 years now and have over 36 tour notches on their guitar straps.  They plan on heading back through the area early 2014, so keep an eye out for these guys!

The band I originally went to see, The Browning (Kansas City, MO), blew me away yet again.  I was able to chat with vocalist Jonny McBee about the Missoula music scene.  “I like that here the mosh ratio is high” he commented and explained that even though we don’t have the largest turn out at the shows, most everyone is moving and involved.  The Browning just released their newest album “Hypernova” on October 4th and plan on making a return trip to Zootown in February 2014.