Praha, Inc. the managing and parent company of The Badlander Complex has announced the closing of The Palace Lounge at 147 West Broadway. You may have recently seen Highly Suspect there. The owners explain:

Given the competitive demands of a live music venue in Missoula, the owners of The Palace have decided to switch directions of the venue to better diversify their businesses and focus more on the music scene in the Badlander.

The Palace will be closing its doors as a live music venue on Saturday, February 25th, with the final show being "Rock Lotto V: The Final Countdown."
The room will reopen on March 17th, which is the 10th anniversary of The Badlander Complex, as a billiards bar called Three in the Side (the name being derived from one of the most difficult shots to be made on a billiards table).

We are looking forward to creating a fun and unique atmosphere that is unique to Missoula with several pool tables, both bar boxes and professional tables, games, televisions, seating, and of course, a full bar. We feel this is something that no other venue is doing and would like to create a fun and welcoming environment that fulfills a need in downtown Missoula. We also feel that this will add yet another layer of diversity and unique experiences to be found throughout the complex.

Didn't they already try this before?

With continued rumors of Stage 112 closing as well, live music venues in Missoula are dropping off as fast as they are popping up. We do have the new Kettlehouse Brewery Amphitheater to look forward to this year though!

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