It happens every year, but we are not always ready for it. The deer mating season can make your stroll through the woods or even you morning commute a little R-rated. Now is the peak of "The Rut" for deer in our area. As bucks are chasing does through the fields, and your neighbors yard, looking to pro-create.

For outdoorsmen like myself, I enjoy hunting "the rut." Because bucks are so distracted by all the women to be concerned by me waiting silently in a tree. Let's just say that the blood that is supposed to be going to their brain, is being re-directed to other areas.

Take the following trending video, out of Wisconsin. A women on her way home, noticed a small buck trying to take part in the annual hump fest. Little did he know, but the does he was trying to breed are actually decorative lawn ornaments. You can't help but giggle watching it, but you also feel kinda bad for the little guy.

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