Missoula has been no stranger to bears over the last few weeks and Thursday was no exception. Vivica Crowser with Montana Fish Wildlife and parks said there’s recently been a sort of "bear roundup" because bears are on the hunt for berries and fruit trees.

"Over the last 24 hours, we had a family of black bears that were kind of in the neighborhoods by Sentinel High School and the cubs came to us first, so we were able to get them netted on Thursday evening," Crowser said. "Then we noticed their mom in the tree nearby, and it took a few more hours to be able to capture her, but by 11 p.m. we had her as well, reunited the three bears, and then took them up and away from town this morning."

Crowser hopes the family doesn’t return to town where they often find themselves in trouble nowadays.

"You know when we have bears in town that are staying, hanging around neighborhoods and places where people are, if they don't move on pretty quickly, we'll often respond and try to trap them and put them in a place where they're back to their natural food sources and away from human activity."

Crowser said the bears were sent to one of the Blackfoot drainages to be released on Friday.