Be it ever so humble, there's no place like dome.

When COVID hit, a lot of businesses were suddenly put in a position where they had to figure out how to keep people socially-distanced while still allowing the business to be open. For many restaurants going into the fall and winter, that meant adding giant domes outside where groups could dine and still get the full restaurant experience.

We saw it start to happen across the country, and then a few places in Missoula added them, too. The first to announce those domes opening up was The Top Hat, who have now announced that this week is the last week you can reserve a private dome for the season.

I actually reserved one of the domes at the Top Hat this past winter and it was a really cool experience. Honestly, it feels like something that places should keep doing even after the pandemic - having the option to dine outside at a restaurant during the winter allows more people to be at the restaurant, and especially after the huge hit the restaurant industry took in 2020, I'm betting that would be pretty welcome.

So if you haven't reserved a dome and want to, you've got until Saturday to reserve one at the Top Hat - otherwise, assuming they bring them back, you'll have to wait until next fall/winter. You may still be able to check out the domes at places like Highlander Beer or Mustard Seed, though.

Have you tried dome dining during the pandemic?

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