This Saturday, make sure you don't miss The Fail Safe Project, Walking Corpse Syndrome, and High Voltage at The Top Hat.  There will be no excuses, because there is no cover!  These three bands will be rocking The Top hat starting at 9pm November 23.  Here are a few reasons you should go:

  1. Spokane's The Fail Safe Project is back through Missoula and these guys always put on a great show
  2. High Voltage has opened up for some big names over the past year and now they are giving you a free show
  3. Did I mention no cover? As in FREE?!?
  4. Last but not least, it is going to be William "Sludge" Saylor's last show with the Corpse, so if you want to see this man kill it on ye ole violin, this is your last chance.

Walking Corpse Syndrome, The Fail Safe Project, and High Voltage

Saturday, November 23

The Top Hat

9pm | No cover | 21+

Sponsored by Kronos Kustoms and Body Ink


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