As a person who has always adored watching movies on the big screen, summer is the best time to watch. For me, there was something about escaping the hot summer heat in the comfort of an air-conditioned movie theater. It almost felt like crawling into a dark cool cave to recharge from a day in the sun.

Traditionally some of the biggest blockbusters arrive in the summer. Kids are out of school and everything is busy. Sometimes it is hard to escape. Movie theaters allow you to escape reality and explore another world, if only for an hour or two.

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This past weekend, I was invited to a couple of my little buddies' combined birthday party. These guys were stoked to see the new "Transformers: Rise of the Beast" movie at AMC 12 in Missoula. When their Aunt got online to buy tickets, she noticed that the movie was going to cost close to $110 for 7 family members to get tickets. She then noticed that the theater was offering a deal for "private parties." Offering up an entire theater for only $99. This meant that not only could they get the family in for cheaper, but invited a whole bunch of friends to celebrate too.

According to the AMC website

Reserve an entire auditorium and make it a personal screening for one or a private party. Choose from our available classic Fan Faves or new releases. At this time, we are not currently offering same-day Private Theatre Rentals. Title availability and pricing may vary by theatre. All guests must be present before your group ticket may be scanned. You may enter the auditorium 15 minutes ahead of showtime. If you anticipate a late guest arrival, please ask a manager for assistance.

For me, I felt like royalty. Walking into a private screening. Getting early access to concessions. Or the best part, chatting with friends or heckling during the movie without getting "shushed."

This deal is only good until the end of August. But, talk about an affordable way to entertain everyone. Whether it be a kid's birthday party, a family event, or a celebration of any kind. Gather everyone and enjoy a movie together.

There are currently 3 AMC theaters in Montana that are participating in the Private Party Deal

(OH! By the way! Transformers was pretty darn cool!)

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