We are gearing up for yet another Blaze Night at the Rustic Hut in Florence. Each and every Tuesday we head down the "Root," for 60 cent wings, PBR and some laughs. Most of the laughter come from everyone making fun of me, after I complete the "Blaze Wing Challenge." What is the "Blaze Wing Challenge?" It is simply a wing challenge like no other in Western Montana. We have harnessed the power of the hottest pepper on the planet. The coveted Carolina Reaper. The wing sauce is not only delicious, but will have you sweating and speaking in tongues.

Do you think you got what it takes to challenge me?

A company, called Paqui, has packaged up single tortilla chips, coated with Carolina reaper dust. Why only one chip? Because most people wont eat more than one. Except for the L.A. Beast, who posted a video trying to eat 4.

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