LGBTQ+ Pride Month is upon us, and Missoula is really going all-out. The entire month of Pride is jam-packed with all kinds of events, activities, parties, and more - it's going to be tough to know where to go next!

That's where we're coming in - in the weeks leading up to Pride, we're running down a few of the key events that you're going to want to check out during that first weekend. There are a lot of them, and we've got a handy shortcut over here if you want to peruse your options.

Check Out Live Body Painting in Missoula For Pride Weekend

Have you ever checked out Tickle My Fancy? According to the official TMF press release

Tickle My Fancy(TMF) lives up to its carefully chosen name; tantalizingly cheeky.  This Massive Art Exhibition takes place in over 4,000 sq. ft of the venue that is reconstructed into a new habitat; twelve intimate stages are set across the expanse of the venue, each one to present one(or more,)talented artist(s) laying paint to their living, breathing canvas. TWELVE brave souls(per evening) will be transformed into something new and showcased on stage as the finale! That's 48+ performers on the floor, working together, creating otherworldly and extraordinary experiences for participants and observers alike.

And now, Tickle My Fancy is doing a special Pride Edition body painting night at Monk's, in which they will, "HONOR every single HUMAN form and the SOUL's innate desire for creative expression." Plus, part of the proceeds is going to help Missoula Pride and the Western Montana Community Center!

The event is on Friday, June 16th and Saturday June 17th and tickets are just $20 per person. You can find out all the info you need right here.

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