Are you planning on ringing in the NEW decade with some adult beverages? If so, you better have a plan to get home before your lips even touch the suds on your beer. A DUI could make the a big dent in your 2020 plans.

Operation Tipsy Tow will give free rides to "tipsy" people and their cars from NOW through Jan. 1. Red's Towing will offer a free and confidential tow to people who need to be picked up inside city limits and are within 10 miles of their destination. For a ride, call 1-800-AAA-HELP, or 222-4357.

Now keep in mind that Red's towing usually has 3 or 4 drivers on duty on at any time. So as long as it isn't a busy Friday night, you should get your ride home between 30-45 minutes. If it is busy out, call ahead, before bar time. Having to wait a little in the cold sure as hell beats dying in a wreck or getting a felony, and at least you have the piece of mind that your car is home safe too.

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