TJ Miller recently caught up with Shawn from Rockstar Radio™ to learn all about 3 very different Montana towns in preparation for his upcoming shows.

Talk about a guy who is the epitome of comedy. TJ Miller has starred in blockbuster films, and sold out massive arenas, but has never been to Montana. Until this December.


First things first. TJ Miller doesn't live in Montana, nor has he ever actually been here. We're still trying to figure out where the rumor is that TJ Miller either lives in or bought a home in Helena. In a recent interview to promote his upcoming "Gentle Giant Tour" that will be cracking up the Wilma Theatre on December 15th, I had to get the Montana scoop, and it was obvious that TJ is a Montana newbie, and wanted to hear all about the Big Sky State, especially about the three towns he's playing back to back.

Now, TJ has only heard good things, especially from one of his good friends whom he discusses his experience in the Interview:

"He says You cannot be unhappy wheen lookout at his view and what Montana looks like." -TJ Miller on what he's heard about Montana

Now, don't worry. I made sure to fill TJ in about our "secret" rule when you visit. Have fun, and enjoy the people and outdoors, but do us a favor and tell everyone who asks about us/Montana that everything is terrible and you should stay far away.

On a serious note, TJ is about the most down-to-earth guy you will come across, especially for a big Hollywood star. Get yourself a ticket to one of his Montana shows, you won't regret it. Take a listen to a recent interview excerpt with TJ learning the ins and outs of his upcoming Montana towns, and keep listening for your chance to score tickets.


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