The wait for a new Tool album has been grueling and just two days ago (May 2), their last album turned 12 years old. There's dozens of memes out there about when this new record will finally arrive and the prospect of this anticipated release just got a bit sweeter as a post on their Facebook page has revealed they've finished recording drums.

With the drums in place (save for a segue), we can be certain that Tool have committed to the songs they've painstakingly written and tweaked throughout the years. In the past, Maynard James Keenan had been presented with supposedly finished versions, wrote lyrics and then the instrumentation was altered, forcing him to discard newly written lyrics.

Don't get too excited over this progress though because Danny Carey, Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor will all be away from the studio and on the road performing a series of clinics which will take them through the end of May. They did tease a new song in a promo video for the clinic though. Tool also has a number of festival dates coming up as well.

While it's been over a decade since we've last heard from Tool, there's still a lot to be excited about this year as Carey released an album with Legend of the Seagullmen and Keenan just dropped a new one with A Perfect Circle.

Read our interview with Maynard James Keenan here.

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