If you've been trying to get your foot in the door over at Logjam (concerts will be back eventually,) here's an opportunity to join up. The Top Hat is hiring for kitchen staff, they're looking for enthusiastic locals who want to further their career in the culinary industry, or just looking to be a part of the great team at one of Missoula's favorite restaurants. They are offering competitive wages, benefits and a signing bonus.

If you're not familiar, the Top Hat has an award winning made from scratch menu with some unique flavors and locally sourced ingredients. For instance, the ginger pork lettuce wraps are to die for, and their Sunday brunch is your chicken & waffle headquarters. Check out the full menu here. The Top Hat is still operating at limited capacity for dine in and they also offer take out.

Apply for the kitchen positions here, and we'll be sending out the good vibes for your interview!

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