Trivium have come roaring back with a new cut! With frontman Matt Heafy back doing his harsh vocals, “The Sin and the Sentence” combines a truckload of classic Trivium dynamics to create something fresh.

It’s been less than two years since Trivium unleashed Silence in the Snow, which was notably the band’s first album to contain no harsh vocals. Thanks in part to Matt Heafy taking care of his vocal cords and learning to scream with proper technique, the heavier elements of his voice shine through in “The Sin and the Sentence.”

“One to three hours a day, I make sure I sing,” Heafy recently told Loudwire. “It’s all from the stuff I learned from Ron Anderson. Thanks to Ron, I’ve become a better singer and have been able to scream again. It was my old screaming that originally destroyed my voice. It made us have to cancel the tour after playing Rock on the Range and that was pretty rough for me. To have to send all our crew home and our band home without pay for the rest of the tour. Now the screaming is back, it’s easier than ever and it sounds the same as it used to which is a completely different technique."

Fan response to “The Sin and the Sentence” has been extremely positive so far, with YouTube comments celebrating the elements of Silence in the Snow, Shogun and Ascendancy coming together for Trivium’s newest material. New drummer Alex Bent has also been quickly embraced by fans after showcasing some inventive drumming from the new song’s intro.

No release date for Trivium’s eighth studio album has been unveiled so far, but “The Sin and the Sentence” is now available to stream and download. Check out the official music video for Trivium’s newest track above!

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