You know that person you see in public places who is nose-down in their phone, tapping away incessantly because he must be soooo important and far too busy to make sure he's not about to walk head first into a pole?

Yup. That's me. I'm that guy.

I make no secret about it: I'm far more attached to my phone than any normal person should be. I'm on Facebook, I'm on Twitter, I'm reading the pro wrestling dirtsheets, I'm sending texts to my girlfriend back in Portland (some more PG-13 than others), I'm doing everything. My phone may as well be permanently affixed to my left hand.

Unless I'm driving. Then it's charging in the cubby below my car stereo. Not because it needs charging, but because texting and driving is really stupid.

Really really stupid. And dangerous. And deadly.

Not to get all preachy, but think about this: if you're looking at your phone, you know what you're not looking at? The road! You know, that thing you're probably speeding down anyway? Yeah. That. You should be watching that. Not replying to something that probably features original, witty content like "OMG" or "LOL."

Texting and driving makes you 23-times more likely to crash. Think about that. Twenty-three! We're all likely to crash at some point. Would you REALLY want to make a even twice as likely? I'd hope not.

I'd like to read the text that was worth crashing your ride over. I'd bet money that a text like that does not exist.

Seriously. It can wait.

You know what's great about text messages? They can wait. They can wait for as long as you want. Hell, they can even be ignored. I do that a lot. Sorry, most people who text me.

The point is this: you and I drive the same roads. There's a good chance I've accidentally cut you off in traffic (sorry about that.) If we're going to be on the same road, you can know that if you see someone texting and driving, it isn't me.

I've taken the pledge: I pledge not to text and drive.

You should, too.

Angel has her story, and all sorts of good info on how you can get involved HERE.

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