Montana travel is about to undergo a major overhaul starting July 1. Right now, companies like Uber are investigating to see whether or not, the Big Sky state is a good fit.

"This bill signed by Governor Bullock last week, it's SB 396, what it does is it opens up new opportunities for taxi companies, while also providing a clear framework for TNCs, that's a Transportation Network Company, in Montana," Montana Uber Spokesperson Kate Downen. "We are currently in the process of applying for a class E license with the Public Service Commission."

According to Downen, Uber is looking for drivers in Montana and says that acceptable applicants will have to clear a background check and own a 2005 or newer vehicle. If Uber starts here, a ride home might be as near as your cellphone.

"Uber is a technology platform, it connects riders and drivers in real time to safe, reliable, and hassle-free rides through their smartphones," Downen said. "It's an app that allows you to request a ride at the push of a button. You could be in downtown Missoula, open the app, push a button, and in a matter of minutes you would have a safe reliable ride waiting for you outside."

The Public Service Commission said they won’t be able to process Uber’s Class E license request until July. The earliest possible start date for Uber in Montana would be sometime in September.

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