Another very high-traffic plot of land has been offered for sale in Missoula, and for a cool two and a half million dollars, it could be yours.

The aftermath of Covid in the local real estate market seems to keep digging away at our little mountain town. There has been so many local business and homes that have been bought and sold in the last few years that it's hard to keep track.

Now, just announced, another local Missoula business seems to be hanging things up and offering the plot of land up for sale.

Just down the road off of South third street and Russell sits JJ's Used Cars at 100 S Russell in Missoula. It's been serving the Missoula community for as many years as I can remember. I've walked passed it on the Milwaukee trail more times than I can count. Now, according to realtors, Berkshire Hathaway, the desirable plot of land has been put up for sale. Here are the details.

Address: 100 Russel Street, Missoula Montana (JJ's Used Car)

Area: 1.23 Acre lot that is split for zoning that is good for residential and commercial use

Price: $2,500,000

copyright Rockstar Radio
copyright Rockstar Radio

This area is really convenient and centrally located. It's very close to the Good Food Store, the baseball fields, Bayern Brewery, the Milwaukee Trail, the bowling alley, Vtrx Fitness, and more.

In my opinion, this plot would be great as a new local fast food place or little mom-and-pop grocery store. Whatever ends up there, I'm rooting for "Missoula" oriented and local. Even if it's a new Brewery or dispensary.

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