It may not be one of the best videos of 2011. BUT DAMNIT IT IS SEXY! I felt I needed to share the video with you. Anchored has come a long way since they were here doing shots with us last year. From what I gather, the jyst of this new video is : Brandan is lost in Paris searching for his baby momma who I am assuming is a stripper. She gives private dances to the entire band for half the video for crying out loud. His baby momma is played by Playmate Angelique Jerome. She is one sexy little minx. Playboy has actually released the explicit (a.k.a. more sweater puppets) version online. For now, take a time out to see if you can figure out what the hell Brandan is doing wandering around in a trench coat.

Check out the Playboy version of the video here

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