With MTV bringing back Beavis and Butthead, I have been inspired to post a new music video each day. Those of us from the REAL "MTV Generation" appreciate a good music video. Each day I will supply you with a different music video that you may or may not have ever seen before. My goal is to bring back what MTV has been lacking the last decade. Music Videos.

My first submission is a classic MTV hit. One of my all time favorite "Ol Skool" vids. Faith No More's "Epic". This video represents what MTV was all about. A visually stimulating story told through music. Granted you will watch it and think "What the F@$k are these guys on". It is one of those videos that was groundbreaking with special effects and a weird artistic spin.

According to legend, the fish seen flopping at the end of the video belonged to Bjork and the band stole it from her at a party.