Mastodon is already known for being kind of a weird. Their music can be categorized as something you may have on your play list while you are "trippin balls". Well, you better get a helmet because their new video will blow your friggin mind.


This next video is, to be honest, some  crazy effin s#!t. It is some surreal stuff. Straight out of the famous art work of Salvador Dali. The director of the video is named Tim Biskup. According to "Tim Biskup (born September 21, 1967 in Santa Monica, California) is an American artist generally considered to be a part of the group that has been dubbed "lowbrow" or pop surrealism. His free-spirited style recalls 1950s storybook illustration, with bright colors and whimsical shapes unrestricted by the black outlining typically used in character design.
He works with playful and vibrant psychedelic imagery in the pop-design genre that emerged in the late 20th century through such diverse media as silkscreening, textile production, and rotocast vinyl."

Tim lets his artistic mind's "sails hit the wind" in this video. Calling it a "dream project". According to : "As for his concept behind the video, it’s ”basically about waking up to find yourself being chased by death and having to reckon with dying and what that actually means to you,” Biskup explains. “It’s a life/death metaphor where the girl in the video goes from hunted to hunter. There’s a whole lot more going on metaphorically, and the symbolism goes very deep and is very specific, but I’ll leave the rest up to interpretation.”

As long as you haven't eaten any "stems or caps" in the last few days. Take a time out today and check out the trippy new video, off of Mastodon's new album "The Hunter".

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