It is not only concert day here in Missoula. But it is also Fat Tuesday. What ususually comes to mind when you think of Mardi Gras? Beads, drunks in purple/yellow, "hurricane" booze drinks, and women flashing their "sweater puppets." Well tonight we may just get the chance to see Tera Wray live on stage at the Wayne Static show. Being a former porn actress. She is no stranger to showing off the "untouchables."

With Wayne Static in town tonight and the possibility of a Tera Wray sighting. We are sure to have an EPIC Mardi Gras party.

For today's Vidiot we take a look at another LIVE performance from Static X. "Tera-Fied" is a song off of the "Cult of Static" album. The LIVE footage is featuring a cameo from Tera Wray herself.

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