Another absolutely amazing show from Volbeat on Saturday night for a sold out Blaze crowd at the Wilma.  Minds were blown for those who didn't make it to the last show.  Awesome group of dudes, very humble, they were super sweet to our backstage winners.  My ONLY, very minor complaint, would be that they didn't play "16 Dollars", but they did last time so I'm good.  Thank you again to everybody who came out to support, we've got some insanely awesome concert announcements for this fall and winter.

Setlist/Volbeat/8-27-11/Missoula, MT

The Human Instrument

Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

Heaven Nor Hell

A Moment Forever / Hallelujah Goat

Rebel Monster

The Mirror & The Ripper

Sad Man's Tongue

Marry Ann's Place


A New Day

Soulweeper #1

The Garden's Tale

River Queen

Still Counting

A Warrior's Call


I Only Wanna Be With You

Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza