You want to see Volbeat. You NEED to see Volbeat. And when your friend told you that the show was sold out, your head dropped, you sobbed, and you chugged the last backwash bit of your room-temperature beer.

And just like that, The Blaze became your only hope.

We're not gonna let you down. Promise.

We have ONE pair of tickets left. They're also attached to backstage passes to meet Volbeat.

Interested? Of course you are.

Want them? Beginning Friday morning, start scouring for the Volbeat "Rebels and Angels" logo. It will show up at some point on Friday, and it's going to be on our site somewhere. And it probably won't be very obvious.

Look everywhere, because the first one to find it (and call us at 829-9630) and tell us where it is will get those tickets.

Yeah. It's THAT easy. I mean, you're already here, right?

Best of luck. See ya at the show.

The Volbeat Volbash: Saturday, August 27, 8pm at the Wilma Theater, 131 South Higgins, Missoula. Tickets are SOLD OUT.

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