A University of Michigan student has come up with a rather novel way of making a quick buck off of student who have a quick, uh, rhymes with buck.

Kellyann Wargo of Ann Arbor started a “Walk of Shame Shuttle” for students in need of a ride who don’t have a car of their own and don’t want to deal with the shame of taking a taxi or walking back to their dorm in the same clothes they had on the night before they drank their weight in shots.

The ride only costs $5 in Wargo’s van and comes with a bottle of water to treat that morning hangover, a coupon for a “Plan B” pill and a complimentary “high five,” assuming the sound of hands slapping each other won’t cause your hangover to give you a brain hemorrhage.

Wargo, a senior at the University of Michigan, told BroBible she started the escort service (not that kind, sicko) because she needed a way to make some money during the slow months of her other job. Since she already drove around a minivan to ferry around her other friends for their regular drinking adventures, she thought she might as well turn it to her advantage.

I have a particularly friendly roommate (Amanda) who takes advantage of my access to the mom van I that I drive- I have it for work. She always texts me to pick her up in the morning and then I make her buy me McDonalds for payment. With spring break quickly approaching I realized I can’t keep eating McDonalds the way I do. She suggested I make a business out of it because she, like many girls, doesn’t want to call a taxi that takes forever and is usually some sort of father figure, middle aged man, driver.

Even though she runs a hilarious Tumblr blog called “Ginger Ambition”, she’s very serious about her side-job being a legit business. Of course, now that everyone knows she’s a blogger, it could hurt her business since her customers are bound to become fodder. Shuttle with care, Ann Arbor.

[via BroBible]

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