"YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!" One of the most famous lines uttered on daytime television. If you have spent anytime at home watching daytime television, odd are you have watched "Maury." But, did you know that Maury Povich and his wife Connie Chung both live in Bigfork? It's true. Not only do they reside mostly in the Flathead Valley, but the two also own the Flathead Beacon.

If it has ever been your dream to be on the "Maury" show, all you need to do is answer his call-outs. The "call-outs" are the wild messages meant to attract guests for upcoming shows. And they can get REALLY bizarre.

John Oliver, from HBO's "Last Week Tonight" recently pieced together a montage of "Maury" call-outs. And, they are outrageous.

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