As the warm weather (eventually) rolls into Missoula, many of us will be hitting the trails with our furry friends. Just a reminder, please use that leash.

First, let me start off by saying I am just as guilty of this as anyone. My dog is super friendly and very curious. Pair those two traits together, and if she is off the leash around other dogs or people, you bet she is going to come to say hi.  Now, my dog might not know better, but I do. Not everyone likes dogs (because they are pure evil, I assume), and just because your dog is friendly, it doesn't give you the "ok" to let them off the leash in many Missoula areas.

City ordinance requires that dogs must be leashed on all city streets, trails, and parks. - City of Missoula

Please remember it's not all about you and your dog. Other dogs might be training, fearful of other dogs, or aggressive. Your leash and your dog's ability to recall are pretty important.

So where can you let your pooch off leash?

Well, good thing we're in Missoula and this is a VERY dog-friendly town. A quick look again at the City of Missoula site conveniently lists many options like:

  • Montana Rail Link Dog Park
  • University/Jacobs Island Dog Park
  • Playfair Park Pup Pen
  • Fort Missoula Regional Park
  • Blue Mountain
  • Mount Jumbo
  • Pattee Canyon Recreation area

For a full list and partial areas to unleash your dog, click HERE.

Let's all be good pet owners and leash up where required. We've got a good reputation going here in the Zoo with our four-legged friends, but we can always do better.

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