It has been one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. Over the course of the last year, we have been hearing people talk a lot about possible nuclear war. With Putin taking huge losses on the battlefield, people are worried he may choose a nuclear option. Granted these will most likely be smaller "tactical nukes." Nukes that are not meant to destroy the entire country. Regardless of the size of the nuke, this decision will most likely get a response from NATO. Which will most likely look to the US to respond to the use of nukes on a sovereign country. In short, it will be the beginning of the third world war.

Was Montana designed to be a "nuclear sponge" during the Cold War?

Living in Montana is great, regardless of the dangers of living here. We risk animal attacks, harsh weather, a SUPER volcano, and being a priority target in the case of a thermonuclear war. WHY? Well, it was decided that states like Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado were expendable. Meaning our low populations and the open country would make for lower casualties than more populated areas if struck by nuclear bombs. Something called a "nuclear sponge."

Like a pawn on a chessboard!

The goal of a "nuclear sponge" is to distract the enemy from targeting high-population areas for a nuclear attack. Instead, the enemy would put priority on places where we house our nuclear arsenal. In an effort to stop us from dishing out a counterattack. That is why Montana is home to so many nuclear missile locations. Not only do we have a lower population than much of the lower 48, but we also have a pretty good vantage point for firing on places like China and Russia.

YouTube channel Infographics explains in detail the reason behind the USA's "nuclear sponge."

With each passing year, and the development of more and more technology, the "Minutemen II" missiles that are housed in Montana are becoming obsolete. Congress is currently working to upgrade them, using billions in taxpayer money. However, the advancement of technology and nuclear stockpiles are slowly making the "nuclear sponge" no longer a priority target. As countries like Russia could easily cover every inch of the country with strategic missile strikes.

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