The withdrawal symptoms from lack of live music are continuing. It has been nearly 10 months since we witnessed a large scale LIVE concert. Now that we mention it, I believe the last concert I witnessed was Korn and Breaking Benjamin, at the Adams Center in February of 2020. Lots of concert loving people have been holding on to hope of concerts returning in 2021. They are also looking back on fond memories of some of their most memorable moments of concerts long past.

For yours truly, I can never forge the secret holiday performance that the Dropkick Murphys gave us backstage at the Wilma in 2012. Now, this was before the Wilma was purchased and remodeled by Logjam Presents. The Dropkick Murphys invited a number of lucky Blaze listeners backstage for an ice cold beer and a special performance. Ken Casey and Al greeted us at the door with handshakes and a botle of Budweiser. After a short BS session with the band, Ken and Al asked us if we would like to hear their new Christmas song. Of course we did, and they wasted no time. Using a piano, an accordion, a guitar and a mandolin, they gave us a performance that is usually only reserved for close friends and family.

It truly was a special moment. As the holidays are upon us, we felt it is only fitting that we share with everyone that special moment from backstage at the Wilma. And, would somebody PLEASE write a letter to Santa and ask about getting concerts back?

Rescheduled Missoula Concerts


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