Getting the boat on the water one more time before the Missoula weather forces you ashore for the season this Labor day weekend? It’s important to continue to clean, drain and dry your boat when you recreate on the water in Montana to prevent the potential spread of aquatic invasive species and don't forget the gear as well.


This is a Good Time to Keep Your Eyes Open

FWP Is asking you to help detect Aquatic Invasive Species. Fall having lower water levels and nearing the end of the growing season makes it easier to find new AIS populations. If you think you’ve found an AIS location, snap a photo, take a specimen and get ahold of the FWP to make a report at 406-444-2449.

They have already taken 1,500 early-detection samples to be processed this year, and no evidence of mussels has been found in Montana waters. That’s great news for all of us!

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You will still see watercraft inspection stations open and all boats must stop at them when you see them. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $500. Some inspection stations will start to close down after Labor Day, but others will stay operating well into October.

If you want to find an inspection station for your watercraft or more about AIS in general, go to or call the FWP AIS Bureau at 406-444-2440. Have fun and be safe on the water! And please, be sure to always clean, drain and dry your boat.

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