When you stop to think about some of your favorite 80s movies, the list can begin to get pretty long. But, if you had to narrow it down to just a handful of movies, what would they be? Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Beverly Hills Cop? Ghostbusters? How about The Breakfast Club?

Walking Corpse Syndrome, Ceres and Zephyria are preparing for what they call the "Mosh Pit Prom." To generate hype for the show, they decided to take a trip back to the 80s and pay homage to "The Blegh-fast Club" in their new concert promo.

Walking Corpse Syndrome is joining forces with Ceres and Zephyria for a kick-ass show on June 11th at the ZACC (Zootown Arts Community Center) 216 West Main St in Missoula.

It's an ALL AGES show.

Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 for a "Tour Supporter Ticket"

About the bands:

Walking Corpse Syndrome is a local band that has really made a name for themselves on a national level. With airplay on SiriusXM Liquid Metal as well as positive reviews from multiple national accredited rock critics.

“Their music floods my heart with modern death metal love,”

Emperor Rhombus from Metalsucks.net

From the Ceres website:

Ceres is a metalcore band from Missoula, Montana featuring hard-hitting riffs, driving rhythms and engaging lyrics conveyed through a mix of traditional with aggressively harsh vocals. Their live shows are an intense blend of powerful stage presence that couples humor, crowd engagement, and intensity with the focus and precision of session musicians.


From the Zephyria website:

We are a technical progressive deathcore band out of Kalispell, Montana. We have our Paragon Ep available for free...

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