A clip started going viral this past weekend of a man in Livingston, Montana who realized he was at the store at the same time as Fox News' Tucker Carlson - and couldn't resist giving the news personality of a piece of his mind.

In the clip, the man - Dan Bailey - tells Carlson that he is "the worst human being known to mankind," and goes on to him about what he's done to the country, to people's families, and more before Carlson finally leaves. The caption in his Instagram post goes further into his feelings, beginning by saying, "It’s not everyday you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it!"

In a weird coincidence, the name of the store Bailey and Carlson were shopping in was a bait shop called Dan Bailey's Outdoor Company - but the Dan Bailey in the video has no relation to the Dan Bailey who founded the store. The store updated their website with a statement to make that clear to any potential customers.

Carlson has not responded to the video, although Fox News has already condemned the actions of Bailey in a statement this past weekend.

If you ran into someone that you disagreed with that strongly, would you go over to confront them about it? Or would you let the moment pass?

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