Watching people die inside is one of YouTube’s favorite pastimes. Thanks to cameraphones and documentary film crews, more internal bereavements than ever have been immortalized for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy these hilarious and tragic music moments.

Some Kind of Monster was an incredible look into the most dysfunctional period of Metallica’s history. Spinal Tap as it was, the documentary caught real quarrels between James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, many of which seemed insurmountable. Somehow, Metallica stayed together through the drama, and we got the iconic Kirk Hammett facepalm to watch on repeat for eternity.

There are dozens of videos of Aaron Lewis freaking out onstage, mostly due to chatty fans in the audience. Lewis often likes to end his solo performances by going completely acoustic, which requires an near-unattainable level of silence from the crowd to pull off. Like Bart Simpson once said, “You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half.”

Only musicians understand the pain of damaged gear. Monetary and sentimental value can be erased in moments, as can your pride as the owner. In this compilation, you’ll see guitars drop onto concrete and onto the faces of uncoordinated techs, along with entire soundboards biting the dust.

Watch people die inside in the Loud List above.

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