Another ticket stub from the Wilma added to the collection! Here are our photos from Friday's Wayne Static show with OTEP, Dope, Smile Empty Soul and Thira.


It was an interesting show as it appeared that every attendee was there for one specific band. The Dope fans hit the pit and moved back for OTEP. The OTEP fans stormed the pit and moved back for Wayne. Like I said, interesting. Judging by crowd reactions, no fans were disappointed, well, except for the one who left in the ambulance.

OTEP was incredible as always, as was Wayne. The fact that Wayne rocked Wisconsin Death Trip in it's entirety with his adult film star wife, Tera Wray, performing poi (the lighted up sticks she was spinning around) in nothing but electrical tape sure didn't hurt.

Killer fun! Thanks for supporting this show, check out the photos, you just might be in 'em.

Photos by G Nizzle of Universal Choke Sign

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